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Prioritize the results of your Effort vs. Impact Matrix Tasks to help them get done

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

If you're a manager and you're looking to make operations improvements, priority matrices are great; they help you focus on what yields the greatest impact with the least amount of work.

But simply identifying high-yield priorities and giving them to your team is not sufficient. They are already have jobs with priorities. If everything is important, nothing is important.

Sure you can say, "they should know what they need to do" or just saddle them with the new priorities and ignore their existing workload.

This strategy of management, however, comes with its own trade-off.

For example, don't be surprised if either 1) they don't do your priority tasks or 2) they do them, but let regular business falter. Longer backlogs of work in shared service centers or support groups like HR are problematic, but not as serious areas of business which are core to the companies value chain.

Also, if your employee is overburdened for too long, don't be surprised if they start leaving.

So do yourself, and your employees a solid: take the next step by helping them identify the relative priorities of their existing work against the new improvement initiatives.

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