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New Financial Services Client Win!

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Houston, Texas -- OpEx Digital Consulting LLC has won its first automation project with the wealth management and financial advisory firm United Capital, a Goldman Sachs company.

OpEx Digital Consulting LLC will provide United Capital with a solution that will help its financial advisors spend less time doing non-client facing, non-value added tasks and spend more time out with its customers. The project was led by Jason Assir out of the Houston, Texas office.

With over 230+ advisors, 98 offices, and 21K clients, the United Capital project represents another big step by OpEx into the financial services industry. For more information about United Capital, click here.

OpEx Digital Consulting LLC provides operations, data and technology consulting services to see companies seeking to improve corporate performance in the digital age. For inquiries about the company's services, click here.


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