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Save your Nickels & Dimes for Gumball Machines

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

At OpEx Digital Consulting LLC, we are a different kind of software development consultancy. 

Like many, we design and implement software to your specifications. We also have years of experience in developing revenue-generating software via the agile project management methodology known as scrum.

However, our commitment to agile development extends beyond our developers or scrum teams we manage. Because agile is fundamental to how we go to market, we backstop all of our software development work with an agile contract where change requests are free.


Yep, that’s right, no more nickel and diming over scope of work. Change requests are free.


Change requests are free because software development is not done in a vacuum from the rest of your business.

They’re free because if you are doing agile correctly, requirements may change, priorities may change, but both will change after successive development sprints.

Our experience has shown us that the pareto principle also applies to software development: 80% of a client's software value comes from 20% of the software features. So why get stuck building something that is no longer relevant?

This means that the clear majority of product features either should be eliminated or replaced with ones of greater value after work has begun. We’ve designed our contracts with this truth in mind.

Companies that try to be agile from within the confines of a traditional contract, often limit the potential of the final product.

Inevitably, the discovery of new feature priorities results in the painful negotiations of change requests. Not only is this back-and-forth a colossal waste of time, but it fundamentally gets in the way of creating exceptional client solutions. 

In the end, when you work with us, we will not just help you build a product. We'll give you a means to continue developing products on your own and change the way you work with software vendors in the future.

To set up an appointment to discuss your next innovative solution, email me at jassir@opexdigital.com

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